The Ghosts Of Empires series is a collaboration between artists Saks Afridi & Qinza Najm.

The Ghosts of Empires series explores the tension between chaos and control and the need for identity in an ever-globalizing world, while scanning territorial borders and disputed areas around the world. The compositions reflect what exists as seen through Google satellite maps, which are used as a loose foundation for the work.  Each piece refers to a controversial dispute or area of historical significance depicting the contrast between an evolving debate and strict unforgiving geometry. A part of the series also refers to discrepancies in map versioning, expressed through gestural painting, analogous to order and chaos. The series is equivocal and open to multiple interpretations and is intended to illuminate the geographic (and psychological) paradoxes that exist in the contemporary condition. Bolo challenges the notions of global governance, ethnicity and religion as a social construct, questioning whether they should be represented by arbitrary lines.