Scout 1 Vibrachrome print on Aluminum. 2018. 30”x50”.

Scout 1
Vibrachrome print on Aluminum. 2018.

Sighting #4
Vibrachrome print on Aluminum. 2018.
36”x 48”.


“If all your prayers were answered, would it change the world, or just yours?” - Unknown

In the near past, a global phenomenon occurred which has since been erased from our memories. Due to the arrival of a strange vessel from the future, a Spiritual Machine from outer space, each human being on the planet got one prayer answered every 24 hours. The Vessel was a spiritually conscious spaceship, energy station and a prayer gateway. Its divine algorithms and foresight technology determined the selection of prayers it chose to answer. The ship was led by a man from the future named Captain Imam. Our findings show that he and his crew had no control over the vessel’s spiritual functionality.

In the phenomenons early days, the vessel, to many, resembled a Mosque-like shape . And so it was dubbed SpaceMosque by the media. However it was really called The Miraj Mission. We later learned that the vessel uniquely manifested itself depending on the personal biases of the individual witnessing it.

During it’s time here, the Miraj Mission answered billions of prayers. Our reality changed overnight. The impact of this arrival led to both miracles as well as tragedies. Greed and morality were at constant war, and prayer eventually became the de facto global currency.

Then one day (date unknown), the vessel vanished. Along with it, any memory of its existence, except for a few remnants of glitched stories and artifacts scattered around the globe. We do not know the reason for the vessel’s departure, but our findings reveal that global riots due to the commoditization of prayers may have led to it. A popular theory among researchers of the phenomenon is that perhaps enough people on the planet prayed for it to go away and all to be forgotten. Or Perhaps it was just a divine experiment of some kind.

This exhibition is the first time that some of these artifacts and discoveries are being shared with the world. Most of the findings in this exhibit have been retrieved from sources in Pakistan and Egypt. More data from Europe and the Americas is emerging every day. We invite you to decipher this forgotten era with us.

SpaceMosque Exhibit at Aicon Gallery January-February 2019.

The Prayer Catcher
2019. High Density Foam, Acrylic, Brass Leaf, Acrylic Paint.
Edition of 3

We believe this artifact played a critical role in the prayer realization process. As explained by Captain Imam to a select group of scientists during a rare tour of The Vessel:

“The Prayer Catcher absorbs prayers from the Du’a Network. This is a spiritual network in the physical world. It behaves like a telecom network, but its data is entirely spiritual prayers. It picks up on the vast network of energy transmitters and receptors across the globe. Minarets, steeples, and synagogues all serve as energy signal towers. In fact, every time two hands join in prayer, the human body itself becomes a unique transmitter, much like a DNS server. This release of energy after praying explains why humans feel so light after the act of prayer.”

This object, along with architectural drawings of the Vessel, was found in the storage room of a laboratory belonging to a prominent Nuclear Scientist in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He claims to have no recollection of how the objects got there, nor does he recall any experience on a spaceship.

Collaboration with Ferda Kolatan + Team
(Hart Marlow, Amir Ashtiani and Brendan Wetzel).

Collaborators: Narcy (Yassin Alsalman) with Tamara Abdul Hadi, Roï Saade

A.N.G.E.L.S. 1
Collaboration with Adam Rodgers

A.N.G.E.L.S. 2
Collaboration with Adam Rodgers

Anthropomorphic Neo-Generative Energy Living Systems, A.N.G.E.L.S. In Prayer
2019. Vibrachrome Print on Aluminum
36” x 48”
Edition of 3

The power that fueled The Vessel was created by robotic entities called Anthropomorphic Neo-Generative Energy Living Systems or A.N.G.E.L.S. Their sole purpose was to pray, thus creating energy that fed directly into the Will Engine. The power of a pure-intentioned prayer by an A.N.G.E.L.S. was estimated to be able to provide the electricity of a household for a lifetime.

Collaboration with Adam Rodgers

Hovering Minaret
2019. High Density Foam, Electromagnets, Wood.
Edition of 3.

Vessel Artifacts
2018-2019. C-Prints on Matt Archival Paper
24” x 36”
Edition of 3

Some artifacts from the Vessel have been recovered from the time of the phenomenon. While we do not know the exact  functionality of these artifacts, research indicates that they are types of Prayer Receptors, Intention Processing Units and Prayer Capsules.

Credits: Saks Afridi and Ferda Kolatan with Amir Ashtiani.
AliReza Kabiri, Zhenyu Wang and Lilli Zhang.

Hawai Chappals (Flying Sandals)
Leather, Rubber, Steel.
Edition of 5

It is believed these sandals belonged to a 12-year old boy from Peshawar, Pakistan. According to local reporting, the boy prayed for the ability to fly in order to regularly visit his estranged father in the distant town of Kohat.

Collaboration with Markhor